Watch the first trailer for ‘The Night In Question’, Louis Theroux’s latest documentary

It'll air next month...

Louis Theroux has shared a brief preview clip from his latest documentary, The Night In Question.

The film will debut on March 4 and sees the celebrated presenter tackling the sensitive issue of sexual consent and assault on American university campuses.

In the first clip, we see Theroux interviewing an assault survivor who offers an explanation for the ongoing issue of consent at US universities.


“There are a lot of guys who have been told that they are the best and that they can have whatever they want,” she says in the clip.

“I think the idea that a woman might not want to sleep with them can be kind of jarring.”

The brief trailer also features footage of Brock Turner – a student athlete who was convicted of sexually assaulting an intoxicated woman at Stanford University in 2015.

Although little else is known about the documentary, the BBC has also confirmed that it will see Theroux grilling students who have been accused of sexual assault.


Late last year, Theroux hinted that he could return to lighter documentary territory by reviving his ‘When Louis Met…’ series.

The BBC 2 show aired for two seasons between 2000-2002 and saw Theroux exploring the lives of eccentric public figures including Chris Eubank and controversial politician Anne Widdecombe.

Quizzed on who he would like to appear in the documentaries, he cited Nigel Farage and WikiLeaks’ Julian Assange as potential subjects.