Florence Welch reveals what it says in her Tinder bio

The singer reveals details of her Tinder bio in a new interview

Florence Welch has revealed what her Tinder bio says in a recent interview with The Guardian

Speaking to Eva Wiseman, the Florence + the Machine singer spoke candidly in a revealing interview about struggles in her personal life as well as her Tinder bio.

“Deeply domestic but also high stress, with no middle ground – hugely exposed but deeply hermity,” the profile begins.

Welch added that it ends: “Too many candles burning in my house to be safe” before telling Wiseman she would “like a thousand texts that say ‘I love you,’ my phone buzzing endlessly, until I am exhausted, and empty.”

The singer also revealed that as the tenth anniversary of her debut approached, she decided to stop drinking after struggles with alcohol in her personal life.

“When I realised I could perform without the booze it was a revelation. There’s discomfort and rage, and the moment when they meet is when you break open. You’re free.”

The singer is due to release her fourth album this Friday (June 29) and has spoken previously about her struggles with alcohol saying she “never knew” how to “come down” after a tour before and she often drank before going on stage to combat “shyness”.

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The singer also opened up about struggling to cope with her grandmother’s suicide.

“My mother’s mother committed suicide. And the way she was loved by her mother has related to the way she loves us, which then is the way we love others.”

“My grandmother fell, so sometimes I feel like we’re all still in this loop, falling with her. The trickle-down of tragedies.”

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The band have recently revealed details of a lengthy arena tour across the UK and Ireland. Tickets for the shows can be purchased here.

‘High As Hope’ is released Friday June 29.