Four Tet shares playlist made entirely of artists banned by Trump’s America

Showcasing music from Syria, Somalia and Iran

UK producer Four Tet has shared a selection of songs by artists prevented from entering the United States under President Donald J. Trump’s new travel ban.

Kieran Hebden’s playlist – which was already 300 songs strong – now showcases the best music from Syria, Somalia, Libya, Iraq, Sudan, Yemen and Iran, picking out artists including Kourosh Yaghmaei and celebrated Syrian singer Omar Souleyman, who worked with the producer on 2013 album ‘Wenu Wenu’.

Hebden said the playlist additions came when he was thinking about recording in Brooklyn with Souleyman, “and it not being allowed anymore.”


Listen to Four Tet’s playlist here.

Earlier this week, The 1975’s Matty Healy, Lily Allen and Kim Kardashian West all spoke out against Donald Trump’s highly controversial executive order. Healy said: “This has zero to do with national security,” citing “xenophobia and Islamophobia” as the motives behind Trump’s decision. Rihanna called the news “devastating”, saying “America is being ruined right now before our eyes!” New Zealand star Lorde added to the debate by saying: “The amount of hatred and fear radiating from this administration is already hard to bear, but we have to stay informed and stay outraged.”

In reaction to Rihanna’s anti-Trump remarks, Azealia Banks hit back, saying: “You don’t get to show up in another man’s country, kill his young, his wives, ruin his home and think a peace talk Is going to be the end of it. ITS NOT. There’s absolutely no way to end this war but to finish it ourselves.” Banks also recently criticised the recent Women’s March and called feminism “dangerous”.

Green Day’s Billie Joe Armstrong has branded Trump’s decisions since assuming office an all-out assault on civil liberties, while Queens of the Stone Age have called the President “a barf inducing, fascist, clown penis”.