Frank Ocean hosted a drag-themed 30th birthday party this weekend

The 'Paris Is Burning' party hosted Tyler, The Creator, SZA and more

Frank Ocean turned 30 this weekend, and celebrated his birthday in style, with a Paris Is Burning-themed party.

Paris Is Burning, a 1990 documentary film documenting New York’s ‘golden age’ of drag parties, is a favourite of Frank’s – he sampled the movie on ‘Ambience 001’ for his 2016 Endless visual album. Now, he’s taken its spirit to heart, throwing his very own drag ball to celebrate his 30th birthday. Tyler, The Creator and SZA were reportedly in attendance.

Check out footage of Frank Ocean’s ‘drag-inspired’ 30th birthday ball below.

#PressPlay: Yesss #FrankOcean better werk!!! Yesterday the singer celebrated his 30th birthday. via. @thejashjay

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Last week, Frank Ocean shared a personal essay, detailing how he spent his summer.

The reclsive R&B performer graces the Winter 2017 cover of i-D, contributing a 32-page photo essay that includes self-portraits, pictures from his recent tour and a shot of filmmaker Spike Jonze.

“You can answer a lot of questions with ‘Yes.’ But you can answer many more with ‘No.’,” Ocean writes in an accompany note. “No is run of the mill. Yes is a gem.”

He adds: “Whenever I feel alone I watch live television, something about it being okay on their end makes it okay on mine. Onstage one in-ear is my mic feed and the other one is a Tim Ferriss podcast. I go long periods without talking but I raise my voice when the people on the phone are in loud places. I’ve never given my fans nicknames because the ones I think of are embarrassing.”

“I’m world famous,” Ocean continues. “I had peace in my twenties. Big Pharrell praying hands those weren’t mutually exclusive. If you want to make your 30s sound appealing just mention ‘sexual prime.’”