Is ‘The Fresh Prince of Bel Air’ set to make a comeback?

Innnnn West Philadelphia....

The Fresh Prince of Bel Air could be set for a comeback, after star Jazzy Jeff admitted that there had been talks about a potential revival.

The producer, who is set to appear at Blackpool’s Livewire Festival with former co-star Will Smith, revealed that discussions have been held about revisiting the show for the first time since the show first went off the airwaves in 2016.

“There have been talks with people about doing something. I think it would be cool if they did it and go down Memory Lane again”, he told The Sun.


“It’s a blessing to be part of something that people still hold in high regard. You can’t beat that.

“It’s hard for people to keep their attention span normally, but to be able to keep it for all these years and transcend generations, put their kids onto it, this is deep.”

Earlier this year, rumours of a reunion were sparked when Will Smith was spotted at Nobu restaurant in Mobu, alongside cast members including Alfonso Ribiero – who famously played Carlton Banks.

But any potential reunion would have to wait until Will Smith finishes filming on Disney’s live action adaptation of Aladdin.

The film, which stars Will as the Genie, is set to begin shooting this summer in London, with Naomi Scott confirmed to star as Jasmine, alongside newcomer Mena Massoud in the titular role.