Friends creator addresses ‘Dark Phoebe’ fan theory

Friends co-creator Marta Kauffman has responded to the gritty theory about Phoebe's origin.

Friends co-creator Marta Kauffman has finally responded to the ‘Dark Phoebe’ theory, which made its rounds on Twitter way back in 2015.

A Twitter user by the name ‘Xenophon Moscrop’ went viral by pitching a new finale to ‘Friends’ where we find out that Phoebe (played by Lisa Kudrow) is actually a homeless meth addict. Every episode of the show was actually a figment on Phoebe’s imagination, who’d imagined a cosy life of couples and middle-class coffee comfort.

To the rest of the ‘Friends’, Phoebe was just a creepy lady on a bench who stared through the window of Central Perk. The final scene would have Phoebe falling asleep on a park bench next to six discarded, coloured umbrellas.


However, Kauffman responded to the theory speaking to ET, saying: “That’s the saddest thing I’ve ever heard! No, I never heard that – that’s a terrible theory. That’s insane! That’s, like, crazy alt-television theory. Wow”.

Recently, Matthew Perry, who played Chandler in the show, revealed one storyline that he asked to be scrapped because he hated it so much. 

“There was a story line on ‘Friends’ where Chandler went to a male strip joint because he really liked the sandwiches,” said Perry. “And I called up and was like, ‘let’s not do this one’.”

Meanwhile, ‘Friends’ fans were recently sent into a frenzy when a fake David Schwimmer Facebook account led them to believe that there would be a reunion taking place in 2018.