Game of Thrones fans ruined Kit Harington’s West End show by “eating chicken nuggets”

Fans were "talking, eating and taking pictures throughout the show"

Award-winning theatre producer Richard Jordan has called out Game of Thrones fans for disturbing Kit Harington’s final performance in Doctor Faustus in the West End.

Jordan has complained that television fans are flocking to the West End due to the casting of big-name stars, subsequently ruining the experience by talking, eating loudly and answering their mobile phones.

Writing in The Stage, Jordan said: “What amazed me most was this audience, many of them Game of Thrones fans, could see nothing wrong in talking, eating and taking pictures throughout the show – or complaining when asked to stop.”


He continued: “A couple saw nothing wrong in producing from their bag a box of McDonald’s Chicken McNuggets and a large side of fries. At the interval, they had popped out and purchased these to consume through the second half.”

He continued his dismay at the “munching” from audience members, stating that a couple to his left “ate their way through a large tub of popcorn during Act I” while the couple to his right “chomped through a packet of crisps.” He described it was “like listening to eating in Dolby Stereo, and sadly at the expense of being able to properly hear the lines being spoken on stage.”

He went on to describe “some of the most blatant use of mobile phones to record video and take pictures” with the ushers trying to stop it “but in the end just gave up.” He added that the audience members appeared to be unaware they were doing anything wrong.