‘Game of Thrones’ star talks dramatic death in episode four – and what the consequences could be

WARNING: Features spoilers

Game of Thrones actress Nathalie Emmanuel has praised her exit from the show – but warns that it could have far reaching consequences for Daenyrys Targaryen.

Sunday night’s episode marked the fourth instalment of the hit fantasy show’s final season. It was defined by Missandei’s death, after the character was beheaded by The Mountain following her arrival in Kings Landing where she was taken prisoner by Euron Greyjoy and Cersei Lannister.

Despite the emotional scene marking the end of Missandei after five seasons, Emmanuel has no regrets about her character’s exit.


“I thought it was a fantastic scene,” Emmanuel told Entertainment Weekly. “I’ve said in so many interviews that I don’t mind if I die; I’m just happy to be here and be a part of the show. But I just wanted it to be really cool and a moment that people remember and I feel like they really give me that moment.

“I’m so happy that she has that kind of exit.”

While Missandei’s death will “push Daenyrys to a scary level” after she freed her from slavery, Emmanuel says her only regret was being unable to perform fight scenes.

“There’s a part of me that’s a little sad Missandei didn’t throw down in the battle,“ she said. “I would have loved to see [her] fighting.”

Sunday night’s episode also attracted attention for the wrong reasons too – namely a misplaced coffee cup.  The moment occurred during a victory celebration following the Battle of Winterfell in the fourth episode of Season Eight, after a shot of Daenerys Targaryen (Emilia Clarke), revealed what appeared to be a cup of takeaway coffee.


Game of Thrones returns next Sunday.