Game Of Thrones showrunner confirms show is coming to an end

Dan Weiss says 'The end is ticking' as season seven directors are named

Game Of Thrones has named the directors who will be in charge of episodes for season seven, which will be shown in 2017.

There are just four directors for the next season, compared to the usual five for the HBO series. This means it looks like rumours that season seven will have seven episodes rather than the usual ten may well be correct.

It’s been presumed that – following the likes of The Sopranos and Mad Men – seasons seven and eight of Game Of Thrones will each have seven episodes, with season eight being the show’s last.


This was effectively confirmed by showrunner Dan Weiss, who said that Daenerys heading to Westeros in Monday’s season six finale marks the beginning of the end for the show.

Weiss told Entertainment Weekly: “Once Dany gets on those ships and crosses west, that’s when the clock on the end game starts ticking. The question has always been ‘When is she going to get back across the Narrow Sea? When is she going to take back her homeland?’ That’s something that’s such an imperative for people watching, and you know she’s not doing it for a beach vacation. When she gets back to Westeros, it’s on. Her return is the first domino.”

The four directors include Alan Taylor, who is returning to the show for the first time since 2012. In his four years away, Taylor has become a success in Hollywood, directing films including Thor: The Dark World. He also directed Terminator: Genisys which starred Game Of Thrones actress Emilia Clarke.

Two of the show’s main directors of recent seasons won’t be returning. Miguel Sapochnik directed the last two episodes of season six, the acclaimed Battle Of The Bastards and The Winds Of Winter, isn’t returning. Nor is David Nutter, who directed The Red Wedding. It’s believed they may return for the final season eight.

The other three directors for season seven are Mark Mylod, Jermey Podeswa and Matt Shakman.

Shakman has also directed Fargo, It’s Always Sunny In Philadelphia and Mad Men, while Podeswa directed the acclaimed Game Of Thrones episodes Unbowed Unbent Unbroken and Jon Snow’s resurrection episode Home. Mylod is a British director who oversaw this season’s The Broken Man episode, having started in comedy with Ali G, Reeves And Mortimer and The Royle Family.