‘Game of Thrones’ reunion special will reunite all the characters from the show

Conan O'Brien has reportedly hosted a reunion show

Sean Bean has revealed that a Game of Thrones reunion special has been filmed with all the show’s cast members – both past and present.

The show, hosted by Conan O’Brien, will be a one-off special and was made in Belfast ahead of the final season of the hit HBO show next year.


Speaking to The Hollywood Reporter, Bean said filming for the programme took place “about four weeks ago” and teased more details about what to expect.

“Conan O’Brien did this thing. It was the last episode, so we all got together…it was good! It’s funny with work, you don’t really keep in touch. You do so many types of jobs in that part of the world. It’s just like whenever I see old friends or even old drama school friends, it’s just the same, we pick up where we left off last time.”

He added: “They decided to get all the characters together for a bit for this big show in Belfast and he kind of hosted the evening.”

Meanwhile, Bean has spoken on the prospect of reviving the role of Ned Stark for a Game of Thrones prequel – and it seems that he’s refusing to rule anything out. The veteran star portrayed Stark in the first season of HBO’s fantasy epic, before the character was beheaded in one of the show’s earliest shocking scenes.

But as Game of Thrones prepares to air its final season next year, Bean has inevitably been quizzed about whether he’d be up for reviving the role in a potential spin-off. “I don’t know how we can ” Sean Bean told the Hollywood Reporter when asked about a potential prequel. “I don’t know how anyone can be, since they’re going backwards, I’d be younger. Now, we all look a little bit older.”


“I’m always a bit reluctant to go back to shows under a different format or guise,” he continued.

“But you never know with something like this, it just depends on the time frames. I think if the quality was maintained. You know, the kind of thought behind it, if it didn’t look as though it was an add-on just to capitalise on earlier success.”

As yet, there is no official release date for the reunion programme. Game of Thrones season 8 is due to return in 2019.