‘Games of Thrones’ showrunner: Sansa ‘goes to places she’s never gone’ before in S6

Dan Weiss made the cryptic comments about Sansa Stark in a new interview

Games of Throne’s Sansa Stark will travel to places that she’s never been before in the upcoming season of the show, a showrunner has revealed.

Executive producer D.B. Weiss hinted that Sansa will have a greater role in the sixth season of GoT, which premieres on April 24.

Speaking of actor Sophie Turner, who plays the character, he told Entertainment Weekly: “Sophie really delivers this season. She’s an extremely phenomenal actor, and this year she gets to go to places she’s never gone.”

Writer and producer Bryan Cogman, added: “I’m very excited by where Sansa’s storyline is going this season, and I think Sophie is doing the best work she’s ever done in season 6.”

Sansa was last seen in the season 5 finale, having survived after leaping from Winterfell’s castle wall.

Turner said that the reactions she receives from Game of Thrones’ fans have changed dramatically since the show’s early seasons.

“I’ve had more people saying, ‘You’re my favorite character’ than ever before, which is amazing, because I used to get ‘You’re my least favorite character’,” Turner told EW.


Last month, the actor let slip that Sansa will make it through the sixth season without being killed off.

Turner, who will also appear in X-Men: Apocalypse, was on the red carpet at this year’s Oscars ceremony when she revealed the spoiler.

Speaking to E! News, Turner talked about reading the scripts for the eagerly anticipated series and seeing “death, death, death” everywhere. However, she was relieved to discover she was “good for this season”.