£1.6 million worth of ‘CS:GO’ skins stolen by hacker

Some of the items have already been resold on Steam

A Counter-Strike: Global Offensive collector’s Steam inventory has been robbed of an estimated £1.6 million worth of CS:GO skins. The Counter-Strike: Global Offensive items have been reportedly stolen from one victim, including seven valuable souvenir AWP Dragon Lore skins which sell for upwards of £45,000 each.

The competitive multiplayer game’s “most expensive inventory of all time”, according to ohnepixel on Twitter, has been hacked and stolen with “half” of the items already quick sold, with the other half sent to the hacker’s account and “sitting on a trade hold”.


The prized collection also contained a legendary “no-star” karambit and a “#1 blue gem” variant of the karambit case hardened knife, which is said to be worth over £1.1 million alone.

As reported by Dot Esports the victim’s Steam account was apparently compromised at some point “ a week ago” but went unnoticed, with the hacker not attempting to make a huge profit on the skins, but selling “for the market price” listed on Steam.

Ohnepixel appealed for either the CS:GO developer team or an employee at Steam to reach out to him so he could help the original owner retrieve the stolen items. With skins and cosmetics a huge part of the success of CS:GO, and users building collections since the game’s launch back in 2012, hoards this big are incredibly valuable, making them an unsurprising target for Steam account hackers.

Counter-Strike Global Offensive CS:GO
Counter-Strike: Global Offensive. Credit: Valve

At the time of writing Valve, the team behind both CS:GO and the Steam platform, had not commented on the situation.

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