‘1 vs 100’ is “definitely” making a comeback on Xbox, according to report

The original battle royale

1 vs 100, a quiz game for Xbox Live, is rumoured to be making a comeback using avatars from Microsoft Teams and optimised for VR.

According to Jeff Grubb of Giant Bomb, the quiz game which originally came out in 2009 for Xbox 360, is definitely in development by Microsoft. Grubb spoke about the rumours being confirmed following Phil Spencer alluding to a quiz game in development back in 2020.


In 1 vs 100, a hundred players compete online answering quiz questions in various rounds. In battle royale fashion every person who answers incorrectly gets eliminated from the round and cannot move forward. If you were not chosen as one of the one hundred, you could still compete and win prizes for you avatar.

Microsoft recently announced that it was launching avatars which will work in VR. This is in hopes of boosting Microsoft Teams as the platform for holding conferences and meetings. These new avatars are reported to be compatible with the quiz game.

While Sony is working on creating new VR hardware for their PlayStation consoles, Microsoft is rumoured to be working on smaller projects. VR compatible games such as 1 vs 100 fits in with this business strategy. Grubb reports that AltSpaceVR, a platform for online meetings, is working on the project.

On Xbox 3601 vs 100 required Xbox Live in order to participate and this is likely to continue to be the case when the fan favourite quiz game makes its return.

In other news, Valve has announced that their handheld for PC games the Steam Deck will be delayed into next year, meanwhile Playdate the creators of a new handheld console which is hand powered by a hand crank, has announced that the release is delayed until 2022