12 minutes of new ‘Forza Horizon 5’ footage explores Mexico’s dusty desert

Fear and loathing in Las Mexico

12 minutes of new Forza Horizon 5 footage recently uploaded to YouTube provides one of the best looks at Mexico yet.

YouTuber Don Joewon Song uploaded the footage yesterday, which showed him driving across Mexico’s numerous biomes in a Toyota GR Supra. Before jumping behind the wheel, Song takes players through the game’s customisation options. It seems Playground Games is mostly sticking to the template set in 4, as the game’s UI looks similar.

Based on Song’s Forza Horizon 5 gameplay, Mexico looks set to feature a lot more off-road driving. The YouTuber starts out on a beach, before driving across a desert filled with muddy roads and barren plains. The footage, which was captured at 4K, looks great and shows some of the visual upgrades introduced since Forza Horizon 4.


Don Joewon Song is one of the most prominent Forza Horizon content creators on YouTube with almost 600,000 subscribers. Song started uploading Forza Horizon 2 videos over five years ago, and has since amassed a following dedicated to the game. This is likely why Playground Games chose the YouTuber to show off new gameplay footage.

Microsoft announced Forza Horizon 5 earlier this year during E3 2021. Following on from the previous game set in the UK, Forza Horizon 5 will take place in Mexico and feature unique biomes such as jungles, mountainous regions and deserts.

A lead developer behind the title recently discussed how the game’s jungle regions found an unlikely inspiration in the form of 80s action movie Predator. Associate art director Conar Cross recalled how watching Predator inspired him to include a specific plant which is prominent throughout the movie in Forza Horizon 5’s jungles.

In other news, Xbox has announced that popular farm and life simulator Stardew Valley will launch on Xbox Game Pass later this year.

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