30,000 ‘FIFA 22’ players banned for using “no loss glitch”

FIFA Ultimate Team glitch led to 20-0 win-loss records

EA Sports has issued over 30,000 FIFA 22 players with a seven-day ban following a widespread glitch in FIFA Ultimate Team.

The “no loss glitch” appeared in FUT games last week, allowing FIFA 22 players to exit games without a loss – meaning they could ditch potential losses before the game was finished.

This allowed many players to hit a 20-0 record in FUT Championships simply by backing out of games they would probably have lost.


Today, EA confirmed they had identified over 30,000 active accounts which exploited this glitch “consistently” and has now suspended them from FIFA 22 online for a period of seven days. This does mean that affected players won’t be able to join in with this weekend’s FUT Champions Finals – the hardcore Weekend League.

“We have identified over 30K active accounts that exploited this issue consistently,” they said. “[We] have suspended them from FIFA 22 online for 7 days, preventing them from participating in this week’s FUT Champions Finals.”

Although these players will miss an important weekend, other FIFA players think these measures don’t go far enough, given that players will get to keep the rewards they gained from exploiting this glitch.

“These cheaters also crashed the entire market… except for icons and top tier cards, because they bought them with all their rewards,” said reddit user, GrizzlyAdams12. “This ban is a slap on the wrist and doesn’t do nearly enough to compensate everyone else who’ve lost coins due to the crash.”

During its statement, EA pointed players towards its Positive Play Charter – a set of guidelines for players of EA games to maintain a positive online experience.


One of these guidelines asks players to “keep it fair” by not using “exploits, cheats, undocumented features, design errors, bugs or problems to get a leg up on others.”

Meanwhile, God of War is finally coming to PC in January 2022.