3DS emulation is possible with a Steam Deck and a television

Wii U games have also been emulated with the same setup

A tech content creator has managed to successfully emulate the 3DS with a television and a Steam Deck, with the former substituting the top screen and the latter acting as the bottom screen. 

This was posted on Twitter by GameXData, which shows an image of Pokémon X or Y (it’s impossible to determine which it is from the image) being emulated with the main screen and the portable gaming device.

The post reads: “A ton of people brought it up. So, I thought I’d confirm: Yes, you can play 3DS games dual screen with a Steam Deck as the bottom screen.” It’s worth noting that the Steam Deck has both a touch screen of its own and a built-in microphone, so theoretically this setup should support any DS or 3DS title.


In an earlier post from GameXData, we can see him also using the combination to emulate Wii U games, with the Steam Deck obviously being used as the gamepad.

Given the Wii U’s unique hardware properties, this is the only way to get an authentic recreation of that system outside of playing on the original hardware. Visually, the two screens in conjunction also look most similar to Nintendo’s previous home console.

Earlier this month Steam Deck invites started increasing, with more people being invited via email to order Valve’s latest system if they’re on the waiting list.

Additionally, all Steam Deck reservations made prior to August are stated to be fulfilled by the end of the year, so the system is gradually becoming more readily available.

In other news, Arcade Paradise designer Andreas Firnigl has called developers “cowards” for cheats not being as prevalent in modern games. In regards to a cheat that can be found within the game, he claimed “We actually want players to use that just because, you know, people don’t put cheats anymore in games.”