A 2001 demo for an unannounced ‘Gex Jr’ title has been released

A video shows off gameplay for what would have been a PS1 game

A video and a demo has surfaced for a potential sequel to Gex that was planned for sometime around 2001 on PlayStation, called Gex Jr.

There isn’t a huge amount of information, but crucially the uploader of the video (seen below) seemed to purposefully avoid publishing the gameplay on April 1, in order to make sure people realised it wasn’t an April fool’s day joke, and is in fact real.

The video (thanks, GamesRadar) is 30 seconds long and shows off some very “of its time” platforming and humour, with Gex Jr shouting “I’m your father, Luke” (a deliberately mis-quoted reference to Star Wars) and “that is my final answer”, while collecting cans of “soda” and playing air guitar.


User “justz00t” who uploaded the video simply says that it’s for an unreleased and unannounced game called Gex Jr for PlayStation. The user adds “This demo was made by ImageBuilder and is dated January 25, 2001”, and has been added to an archive.org page.

On the download page, the information says:

“A short demo of the unreleased and unannounced game Gex Jr. for the PlayStation.

  • Press Start for model viewer
  • Press Circle for tongue attack
  • Press Triangle to fart
  • Press Square for tail spin
  • Press Cross to jump

The previous dump of this prototype had some errors. A corrected dump of this prototype was made with CloneCD free from errors.”


Other videos are now surfacing, which reveals roughly a minute of gameplay. There are other references to pop culture as well, with mentions of Teletubbies and children’s TV show, Blue’s Clues.

First released in the mid-90s, Gex was a trilogy of platform games which threw in comedic characters and writing, often parodying other franchises and games. Square Enix actually renewed its rights to the series around a year ago, with the original publisher and developer being Crystal Dynamics.

Gex appeared on the Sega Saturn as well, and PC versions of the games popped up before the final game was released in 1999 for PS1.

In other news, an Elden Ring streamer has beaten the game without taking any damage – in under three hours.

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