‘A Boy And His Blob’ is out for the Nintendo Switch this autumn

You can teach a blob new tricks

Indie darling, A Boy And His Blob is making its way to the Nintendo Switch, 12 years after it first launched for the Nintendo Wii.

A Boy And His Blob follows a young boy as he works with his friend, an alien blob-like creature that possesses powerful shape-shifting abilities. It’s all in an effort to free the land of Blobolonia from an evil emperor. To make it extra quirky, the game’s shape-shifting abilities are activated by eating jelly beans.

A side-scrolling puzzle platformer, the game is a reimagining of the original NES title of the same name. It made its way onto the Nintendo Wii in 2009 before gradually working its way onto all major platforms over the years.


Now, it will be available on the Nintendo Switch this autumn and there’s a new trailer to celebrate the occasion.

The game offers 40 levels to explore with 15 different transformations to use at key moments. They are typically strange, as you would expect from jellybean-based powers. These include the Caramel Cannon, Bubble Gum Bouncer, and Licorice Ladder. There is also the rather tasty sounding Apple Jack, and Tangerine Trampoline abilities. It all makes sense when you play the game. Honest.

In a statement, publisher Ziggurat Interactive‘s senior vice president of business development, Michael Devine, explained that “games like Blob only come along once in a great while and we are absolutely thrilled to continue Blob’s journey.”

When A Boy And His Blob was released for the Nintendo Wii in 2009, it received generally favourable reviews. Gaining an 80 Metascore rating, reviewers appreciated its left-field nature that was frequently fun.

Elsewhere, a recently published Nintendo patent has suggested that the company has plans to use machine learning to convert resolution to a higher definition image.


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