A glitch in ‘Pokémon Unite’ shows off Machamp’s arse

Pokémon (Sun and) Moon

Fans are enjoying a Pokémon Unite glitch that exposes Machamp’s rear end, leading to an interesting further discovery.

A screenshot posted on Twitter revealed the muscular Pokémon’s butt in a victory screen which has him positioned facing away from the player.


However, fans have since pointed out that according to The Pokémon Company, Machamp is always in a state of undress, as his “shorts” are merely part of his skin.

This disturbing revelation didn’t knock the enjoyment of the image, however, as at the time of writing, the tweet has over 26k likes. The trainer’s face is also inverted, and some replies show other Pokémon with similar issues, like faces being inverted into their backs.

Pokémon Unite launched on July 21, the franchise’s first MOBA game. The combat is similar to that in SMITE and Dota 2, and the game is free to download and play on Nintendo Switch.

Nintendo developed Pokémon Unite in conjunction with Tencent. The two publishers announced a partnership in April 2019, and this new Pokémon game is the first release from that partnership.

A mobile version of the game will launch this September, which will feature crossplay functionality with the Nintendo Switch. Crossplay will work across iOS, Android and Nintendo Switch.


Elsewhere, a supposed leaked retail promotional picture of a Dying Light: Platinum Edition hints that a Nintendo Switch port could be on the way.

The promotional image includes the proposed box art for the image and details surrounding the game’s content and Switch enhancements.

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