A ‘League of Legends’ spin-off starring Sylas could be on the way

Sylas is a 'League of Legends' champion who can absorb his enemies' abilities

A League of Legends spin-off game starring Sylas could be imminent from Riot Games‘ publishing arm Riot Forge, as a mystery project has been rated for release in South Korea.

That’s according to Gematsu, which spotted that a project titled The Mageseeker: A League of Legends Story has been issued a rating by South Korea’s Game Ratings Committee.

Described as an “action game for PC” in the listing, The Mageseeker will see players take control of Sylas, a champion from League of Legends, in a quest to save the universe’s kingdom of Demacia.


Within League of Legends matches, Sylas can take the ultimate abilities of enemy champions to use against them, and wields a set of chains – capable of absorbing magic – as a more conventional weapon.

In the lore, Demacia is a nation where magic has been outlawed and is punishable by exile or imprisonment. While Sylas was initially used by the nation’s mageseekers to hunt down mages in hiding, he was eventually disillusioned by the treatment of magic users and the fact that high-born mages were often protected by their status. However, he’s quite a morally grey character – in Sylas’ colour story The Recruit, he encourages a young mage to execute an unarmed nobleman to join his rebellion.

Sylas isn’t the first League of Legends champion to star in a Riot Forge game. In 2021, Yordle explosives expert Ziggs starred in rhythm runner Hextech Mayhem: A League of Legends Story, while the region of Bilgewater and its characters were explored in Ruined King: A League of Legends Story.

We awarded Ruined King four stars out of five in our review, praising it as a “passionate love letter” to Riot’s universe that still makes itself welcoming to newcomers.

Earlier in the week, Riot Games admitted that the latest cinematic for League of Legends “missed the mark” and denied that it was winding down its investment in the game.

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