A ‘Minecraft’ player is recreating the whole ‘Genshin Impact’ map

It makes quite the impact

A Minecraft player is attempting to rebuild the entirety of the map from Genshin Impact by themself.

The player, 晨曦Archi, originally posted a video showing off their recreation on the Chinese video platform Bilibili, but it was posted to Reddit with their permission. The video shows off several locations in the game, including Mondstadt, Liyue Harbour, the Dawn Winery, and more. It also seems like they have a kind of lighting and texture mod enabled, adding to the overall atmosphere.

Mondstadt looks incredibly detailed, also looking like a Lego diorama of the city. 晨曦Archi even made the interior of the Mondstadt Cathedral and Old Mondstadt. Liyue Harbour looks faithfully remade, and the video shows off a nighttime look with an uncountable number of lanterns lighting up the sky.

Genshin Impact but Remade in Minecraft! from Genshin_Impact


It looks like each location was made in a separate Minecraft world, and there does not seem to be a link to download any of the maps as of yet.

Another group of Minecraft players recently made the entirety of Mondstadt, going into a bit more detail than 晨曦Archi, though the latter did make more than one location. The German Minecraft group put in a combined total of 400 hours into their take on Mondstadt over five months.

According to a recent datamine, Genshin Impact’s next update, 2.5, will make it easier for players to hunt through artifacts. The update is expected to arrive sometime in February and is likely to be a welcome change from fans who spend a lot of time artifact farming.

In other news, Super Rare Games have announced their publishing label, Super Rare Originals. They also shared that they would be starting with five games, including platformer Grapple Dog and arcade-style shooter Post Void. “Having worked with 100s of developers across the last four years, we want to support talented indie devs long-term and hopefully help to start changing the industry to be more developer-focused,” Super Rare said.