A new and improved Steam client has been released

The update also patches a plethora of client bugs

Valve has just released a brand new Steam client which aims to improve the download and storage manager.

In a new Steam community post shared yesterday (September 10), the developer shared that the downloads page in the updated Steam client has been replaced with a new implementation and has been “visually redesigned for clarity and ease of use”.

To break it down, the new downloads page has now changed how games are patched and downloaded. “When a game/update is actively downloading it will now display the total progression completed for the download or update,” the post reads.


As Valve noted, the progress bar would previously only display the downloading content progress but not the disk allocation process which would make an update appear completed when it wasn’t. In addition, partially finished downloads and updates in the queue will show a faded progress bar and per cent completed next to it to clearly display its current state, and the queue can now be reordered manually.

Steam client
Steam. Credit: Valve

Several other changes include an update to the “View News” icon which now reads “Patch Notes” and will show information on game updates as well as an option for the completed downloaded game to launch upon completion, and a way to “suspend download throttling”.

For storage management, an updated Steam library folder UI for easy content management across multiple drives has been added, along with the ability to allow mounting library folders on read-only drives and the option to allow removing empty library folders on fixed drives.

A plethora of other changes has also been implemented such as general fixes to bugs and various other updates that caused trouble to the client. You can read the patch notes here.


In other news, Webbed, the 2D physics adventure indie game that somehow makes spiders adorable has officially launched on PC.