A new ‘Final Fantasy 16’ trailer is complete and will release soon

Producer Naoki Yoshida also said recently the game is in "the final stages" of development

Another trailer for the highly anticipated Final Fantasy 16 is complete, with producer Naoki Yoshida saying it will release soon.

Yoshida made the comment about Final Fantasy 16 during a Nier Re[in]carnation live stream from May 6, which was then translated by Audrey on Twitter (thanks, Polygon).

This statement from Yoshida follows another he made last week, where he said Final Fantasy 16 is in “the final stages” of its development. Multiple factors caused the new trailer to be delayed, but Yoshida says it is coming soon.


During the Neir Re[in]carnation stream Yoshida jokingly talked about how Square Enix’s American PR team “got mad” following his comments on Final Fantasy 16’s development – which was delayed by around six months last year due to COVID-19 – with him adding that the title is “greatly coming together” and that he’d “like for the dev team to spend more time on [polishing it] further.”

Audrey confirms that Yoshida’s comments do not mean Final Fantasy 16 has gone gold or is done, more that it is almost complete.

Final Fantasy 16 currently has no release date, with the game announced by Square Enix in 2020 as a PS5 exclusive. The announcement was accompanied by a trailer, which showed a blend of both real-time battles and cutscenes, with this entry emulating a medieval theme.

Yoshida confirmed at the start of this year that the next major reveal for Final Fantasy 16 would take place this spring, putting it between the months of March and May, meaning this new trailer could release in the next few weeks.


More details about the game’s world and characters can be found at its official website here.

In other news, Babylon’s Fall has plummeted to just one concurrent player this week, with highs not even surpassing 100 active players either.

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