‘Sifu’ mod transforms game into ‘The Matrix’

It's only for PC, and it doesn't affect the difficulty

Just shy of a month after Sifu was released on PC, PS4, and PS5, mods have been released that drastically change the game, including one that turns it into The Matrix.

As spotted by IGN, this particular mod puts Keanu Reeves’ Neo in the game instead of the male Sifu avatar. It includes the famous black trench coat outfit (with realistic physics), and makes all the enemies look like The Matrix antagonist, Agent Smith. A further mod can add a shade of green to proceedings to give it even more of a “Matrix-feel”.


The mods are available from NexusMods, and changing Sifu’s main character into Neo from The Matrix is just the tip of the iceberg. There are further mods that change the protagonist to Spider-Man (or Spider-Gwen if you are playing as the female character). These aren’t even the only superheroes, as you can also dress up as Batman from the Telltale Games Series, Daredevil, or even Venom.

Mod-wise, the list goes on. Players who found the original game too hard could use the God Mode mod, but there’s also a whole new set of moves available, as well as some camera and combat adjustments which the mod creator says “enhances the experience”.

NME critic Jordan Oloman adored Sifu, and gave it the full five stars in our review.

Sifu took me 15 hours to beat and I thoroughly enjoyed every minute,” reads the review. “With such replay value and an appealing price point, it’s easy to recommend to everyone, especially if you’re into modern roguelikes or FromSoftware games. And that’s without mentioning how it pushes past some of its inspirations with its cinematographic flair and haptic combat. Sifu is as much a tightly told vendetta story as it is a masterful brawler.”

Elsewhere, Dino Crisis producer Hiroyuki Kobayashi is working on Exoprimal, a new multiplayer game from Capcom that features dinosaurs, but isn’t a new Dino Crisis.

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