A playable version of the leaked ‘GoldenEye 007’ Xbox remaster has been shared online

"Microsoft, Nintendo and Eon could never agree on terms"

A complete working ROM of the previously shown GoldenEye 007 remaster for Xbox 360 has been made available online by leakers, and is able to be played by those with unofficial Xbox emulators.

The leak of the ROM follows the leak of two hours of game footage on January 31. The video shows a full playthrough of the game, along with 30 minutes of multiplayer footage running at 4K/60 FPS on the Xenia Emulator. The emulator was used to allow the gameplay footage to be played at this resolution and framerate.

Many people have downloaded the ROM, which allows user to swap between the original N64 graphics and Xbox 360 graphics at the press of a button, as demonstrated by Andi Hamilton on Twitter.


The XBLA version of the GoldenEye 007 was planned to have online speedruns and Achievenemts, however these do not feature in the ROM online mutliplayer does not work in the leaked version either.

Grant Kirkhope, a composer for Rare, spoke to VGC and explained that complications with rights were the reason The GoldenEye remaster did not release: “The main reason it didn’t happen was because there were too many stakeholders.

“Microsoft, Nintendo and Eon could never agree on terms,” continued Kirkhope “and that’s before you even start to consider getting all the original movie actors to agree to have their likenesses used again.”

A new James Bond game is in the works at IO Interactive, developers of the Hitman series. In a recent interview, studio head Hakan Abrak explained that he and his team had prepared for two years before the presentation to Broccoli and Eon Productions, knowing full well that the IP holders weren’t fans of previous Bond games.

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