A “standalone” ‘MechWarrior’ game is in development

Piranha Games' president says the title will be announced later this year

Piranha Games president Russ Bullock has confirmed that the studio has “another MechWarrior game in development,” and says fans can expect a full announcement later this year.

Bullock shared the news during an appearance on NoGutsNoGalaxy podcast yesterday (January 11), where he also briefly outlined the direction it will take the long-running series.

“There is another MechWarrior game in development [at] Piranha” revealed Bullock, who clarified that “it’s not MechWarrior Online 2 – it’s not the successor to MechWarrior Online, it’s not an online PvP [game].”


MechWarrior Online
MechWarrior Online. Credit: Piranha Games

Bullock suggested that fans think of it “more in line with MechWarrior 5 but a standalone [title],” and shared that the upcoming game “follows more of a single-player, co-op type of pathway.”

While Bullock didn’t share too many more details on Piranha Games’ next title, he added that it will be launched on PC and console, with more details to come this year.

“It’ll be announced later,” Bullock revealed. “If I had a guess it may even be…who knows, somewhere in 2021 it will be announced – maybe even as late as the fall.”

MechWarrior 5 screenshot
MechWarrior 5. Credit: Piranha Games

The last title in the series was MechWarrior 5: Mercenaries, which launched in 2019 – 15 years after 2004’s MechWarrior 4: Vengeance. While 5 initially launched as an Epic Games Store exclusive on PC, it soon made its way to Steam and other platforms.


Last year, MechWarrior 5 and its Heroes of the Inner Sphere expansion arrived on PlayStation 5, making it the first MechWarrior game in 20 years to appear on Sony’s console.

In addition to cross-play, the PS5 version also brought a new story introduction, improved AI, and over 30 new or enhanced features.

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