‘A Total War Saga: TROY’ Historical Mode rebalances everything

Historical Mode arrives in a free update

A Total War Saga: TROY, the turn-based historical strategy game from Creative Assembly, is getting an all-new mode that changes everything.

Historical Mode arrives in an upcoming free update and completely rebalances TROY.


Similar to Records mode in Total War: Three Kingdoms, Historical Mode gives every hero a bodyguard while also changing or replacing each hero’s abilities in order to better balance the game.

Additionally, developers looked to remove the fantasy elements of these abilities in order to take a more true-to-life approach.

“It’s been a process of defining which are reasonable to have as an ability of a larger unit like this and which are simply too fantastical to be historically authentic,” reads the Total War developer blog. “This has impacted every hero across every faction, and basically means a complete rebalance of all our most powerful units for use in Historical mode.”

The result is a Historical Mode that changes up just about everything.

The upcoming free update also updates the game’s logistics system, replacing supply lines with the new Administration mechanic. Essentially, as your Empire grows over time, you’ll recruit better units and heroes, and your Administration bar will increase.

The Administration bar is split into tiers with higher levels giving harsher penalties but also better rewards and buffs, too.


Alongside the upcoming free update, TROY will also be getting a premium expansion which adds another new game mode – Mythos.

The Mythos game mode steps away from realism, instead of doubling down on the game’s fantastical elements by adding Warhammer-style monsters and units.

A Total War Saga: TROY will get the Mythos expansion, the new free update as well as a Steam version of the game on September 2, 2021.

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