Activision Blizzard backtracks on vaccine mandate removal

The publisher previously announced it would no longer require employees to be vaccinated in order to return to the office

Following the announcement that Activision Blizzard has removed the Covid-19 staff vaccine mandate, the company has changed its decision.

Employees protested the decision, which no longer required them to have the Covid-19 vaccine in order to return to the office. Part of the protests included many employees staging a walkout.

Yesterday (April 4), members of the ABK Workers Alliance announced that Activision Blizzard has reversed its decision, and instead will allow individual studios to set their own vaccination and testing policies (via PCGamesN).


“ABK Leadership has heard our voice, and on Friday after our demands went public, they walked back on the immediate removal of the vaccination policy, and are now allowing studios to create their own policies,” said ABK Workers Alliance in a new statement on Twitter.

“We are currently aware that four studios have reversed course, and have a vaccination/testing policy in place. We believe that by continuing to speak loudly, we can make a difference!”

“As our leadership pushes for more employees to return to office, it is imperative that we consider the needs of our employees health and safety, and provide permanent work from home solutions for employees,” added ABK.

ABK is pushing for a few demands to better suit Activision Blizzard employees in light of the situation, including, “make working from home an open and equitable option for all employees” and “reverse the lifting of the vaccine mandate for all other studios who haven’t yet walked it back.”

The original report explained that the company would be lifting the vaccine mandate for all US employees, with the statement saying, “This means that employees no longer need to be fully vaccinated against COVID-19 in order to return to the office.”


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