Activision Blizzard reportedly cancels future all hands meetings – offers “discussion sessions” instead

Employees will instead be offered "discussion sessions"

After an all-hands meeting to discuss claims of the company’s “frat boy culture” and harassment, Activision Blizzard has since cancelled all future meetings.

An initial all-hands meeting was chaired on July 26, but due to a scheduling error, was only attended by around 500 employees.

Another all-hands meeting was scheduled for today but has since been cancelled.


According to Uppercut, Activision Blizzard is offering “discussion sessions” limited to 30 participants each for employees to raise issues and grievances surrounding the State of California lawsuit.

“Any future all hands style meetings have been tabled in favour of smaller group ‘discussion sessions’,” they revealed.

An email sent to employees from Activision’s head of PR, Suzie Carr said that “starting tomorrow, members of the Activision Publishing executive leadership team -Terri Durham, Johanna Faries, Rob Kostich, Dave Stohl, Josh Taub, and me [Carr] — together as a collective are hosting a number of active discussion sessions for up to 30 people.”

The email states that should there be high demand for these sessions, additional AP leaders will be made available for discussions.

“Employees that wish to participate in these sessions have to register for them through the company, according to the email.”

Additionally, the email details other ways that the company is looking to engage with employees following these serious allegations. Carr asks that all employees continue to raise issues and voice their concerns, and that “all reports will be investigated, and if wrongdoing is found, we will take action.”


According to the email, there are “a number of avenues available to bring concerns to our [A/B leadership] attention” including the company’s Way2Play portal which can be accessed by employees directly. Carr also offers to act as a ‘listening ear’ to any employees who wish to discuss the situation, and “help raise any concerns to the appropriate level.”

These discussion sessions follow a mass walkout staged by Activision Blizzard employees, which the management is still yet to formally acknowledge.