Activision working to solve ‘Warzone’ invisible skin bug

“We are aware of the reports that certain skins are appearing invisible in Warzone.”

A tweet from the official Call Of Duty account lists known Warzone issues being worked on, including invisible skins and console performance.

The tweet from Raven Software revealed that it is working to resolve the invisible skin bug that some players have been calling “pay-to-win”. In the Tweet, they say “We are aware of the reports that certain skins are appearing invisible in Warzone.”

Problems were first encountered over the New Year break, when it emerged that the “Awoken Francis” skin was turning players completely invisible, bar a floating orange mask. In the game’s first patch of 2022, this issue was supposed to be addressed – but instead, other characters and skins are seemingly getting the invisibility bug.


The developer is also working to improve the console performance of Warzone. “We are continuing to investigate various performance-related issues on both Xbox and PlayStation platforms.” Raven are also aware of issues with Buy Stations, saying that they are “working on a fix to solves where some players are experiencing freezing when attempting to access a Buy Station.”

The tweet lists the latest implemented changes to Warzone, for bug fixes it says “Fixed collision issues with various elements across Caldera allowing players to exploit/peak/shoot through them.” Under weapon balancing it says “Adjustments to Akimbo Double Barrel Shotgun including issues with the range of the weapon.”

While the tweet should reassure players that Raven is working to improve Warzone, there is no information on when these fixes are expected to be deployed.

In other news, Activision Blizzard has dismissed more than three dozen employees and disciplined about 40 more since July 2021. The news of these actions was held back by CEO Bobby Kotick, as he believed that the report would make people believe the company’s problems “seem bigger” than they are.