‘AEW’ console game features various modes, just not general manager

Fans will have to settle for campaign, multiplayer and Create-A-Wrestler modes

All Elite Wrestling (AEW) executive vice president Kenny Omega has shared new details on the company’s upcoming console game.

Omega, who also serves as one of AEW’s in-ring talents, revealed in an interview with IGN Japan that the forthcoming wrestling game will feature a single-player campaign, a multiplayer mode and a Create-A-Wrestler mode, among “various other unusual modes”.

However, Omega also confirmed that the fan-requested General Manager mode will be included on the console version of the game, but will instead be “unique” to its mobile title, AEW Elite GM.


Check out a teaser for the AEW console game here.

The interview also revealed that Omega, who helped establish the AEW Games brand, personally sought out Japanese developer Yuke’s to handle to the upcoming console game. He also appointed Hideyuki “Geta” Iwashita, a game designer known for his work on iconic wrestling games like Def Jam: Vendetta and WWF No Mercy, as an advisor.

Yuke’s is known for its work on past WWE 2K games, before the franchise was handed over to Visual Concepts in 2019. However, Omega says that he has no intentions for the AEW games to “compete with WWE and that style of games”.

“Those games try to re-create the look of a WWE wrestling match as you’d see it on TV, and their system is to use mo-cap for capturing the moves,” he added. “I always felt that the way that Geta had created his systems, even though it wasn’t with real people in mo-cap, it was more accurate.”

However, Omega did not commit to a release date for the game, although the development team is aiming for a 2021 release. “I don’t want to rush it, so I don’t want to make a promise. I want the release version to be good,” he said.


AEW Games announced three titles in November – the currently unnamed AEW console game, as well as mobile games AEW Casino: Double Or Nothing and AEW Elite GM. All three games have yet to receive release dates, although AEW Casino: Double Or Nothing is expected to launch during the current Winter season.

In other wrestling game news, the WWE cancelled last year’s 2K21 game following 2K20‘s negative reviews. The company announced that it would instead be shifting its focus to this year’s 2K22, through which it hopes to deliver a better gaming experience to wrestling fans.

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