‘Aftermath’ trailer reveals the psychological thriller

Crash to earth in this psychological horror game

Aftermath, by One O One Games the developers of Fury Roads Survivor has been announced today and the first trailer revealed.

The Italian developer has shown their first teaser trailer today (December 2) for its story-driven psychological thriller based on a future Earth. Taking inspiration from its previous game The Suicide Of Rachel Foster, this latest title focuses on psychology and philosophy.

Publisher META describes the game as:


Aftermath is a story-driven psychological thriller set in the future. You play as Charlie, an astronaut who has returned to Earth in the wake of the aftermath in search for her daughter. Earth has been invaded by an outside force and society is a shadow of its former self. The entities roaming Earth are one of many threats Charlie must deal with to accomplish her goal.”

The trailer reveals armed human-like enemies, which may be some form of zombie creature. We see our main protagonist Charlie crash land on earth. She is then seen carrying a large weapon, and engages in some platforming style gameplay. There is however more to come.

“This is only the beginning of us exploring Aftermath. – Over the coming months until launch, we’ll be highlighting a huge amount of topics and content, to help players understand more of what’s in store. The trailer released today is layered in moments that reflect elements of the game that we’ve not even started to talk about. You won’t catch them all the first time around.”

There is currently no release date for Aftermath, but it has been revealed it will be available for PC, PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X/S.


In other news, an expert modder has been working on a mod for Cyberpunk 2077 which will allow you to play the game in VR.

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