AGDQ schedule includes ‘Dark Souls’ and ‘Super Mario Galaxy’ race speedruns

The event starts on January 9

The speedrun schedule for Awesome Games Done Quick (AGDQ) has been released, and it reveals plenty of interesting runs to look out for whilst money is raised for charity.

Running from January 9 to 16, the week of speedruns will be raising money for the Prevent Cancer Foundation. The full schedule can be found here, but we picked out some of the most interesting runs below.

  • Dead Space 2 any per cent by sharkhat87
  • Crash Team Racing any per cent by hypnoshark

Nintendo Mario
Super Mario 3D All-Stars. Credit: Nintendo


You can find all the expected times and dates on the above schedule page, but these are just some of the speedruns to look out for.

Every year multiple GDQ events take place to raise money for charity, where people donate whilst watching pro speedrunners attempt to achieve personal bests, beat world records, or just have some fun.

According to the schedule there are 15 race speedruns at AGDQ this year, and these are often times some of the best to watch live, or even on playback, as the tension, camaraderie and atmosphere in these runs is immense.

It’s also worth looking out for the Sekiro blindfolded speedrun and the Keep Talking and Nobody Explodes one, with the latter forcing players to defuse over 100 modules in around an hour, and at AGDQ its being done solo.

In other news, the NFT and blockchain push from Square Enix has proved useful, despite player backlash, as the first day of new year trading saw company stocks rise.

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