‘Age Of Empires 4’ hits 69,000 concurrent players on Steam

Is this the beginning of an RTS comeback?

Microsoft’s Age Of Empires 4 has hit 69,000 peak concurrent players on Steam three days after launch, overtaking Destiny 2 and Ark: Survival Evolved.

Age Of Empires 4 was released on October 28 and has rapidly climbed the Steam rankings. According to Steamdb, the game has peaked at 69,366 concurrent players in the past 24 hours. This number doesn’t include the number of players using Xbox Game Pass. Microsoft released Age Of Empires 4 on both Steam and Games Pass simultaneously, meaning that the number of players could be much higher.

This peak caused Age Of Empires 4 to overtake many Steam chart mainstays like Destiny 2, Warframe, Ark: Survival Evolved, and Civilization 6. Steamdb also has numbers for the previous entries in the Age Of Empires Series. Age Of Empires 2: Definitive Edition managed to hit a peak of 38,725, while Age Of Empires 3: Definitive Edition managed 20,146.


Age Of Empires 4 Siege
Age Of Empires 4. Credit: Relic Entertainment, World’s Edge.

NME gave the game a score of four stars out of five. Saying “there are two types of bastard in Age Of Empires 4. There’s the literal ones – offshoots of royalty who fancy a shot at your crown – and there are sieges. It’s the latter that I’m interested in. Across various campaigns and conquests, you’ll spend plenty of time pondering the existential nature of stone walls – specifically, how to preserve (or end) their existence.”

We added that “whether you’re playing a campaign level or just dipping into a skirmish, Age Of Empires 4 knows exactly what strategy fans want from an RTS. No surprises await for any veteran players, but a quick recap for newcomers – you’ll start off with a small town centre and a couple of villagers, who’ll need to fetch wood, food and other resources to kickstart the game. From there, it’s a case of recruiting a solid fighting force and building up your lands – all while an opponent does the same.”

In other news, the Stardew Valley developer says that the next game, Haunted Chocolatier, will release when he is “personally satisfied” with it.