‘Age Of Empires II: Definitive Edition’ gets co-op mode and new expansion

It’s a big year for the franchise

Age Of Empires II: Definitive Edition will receive a co-operative mode and an all-new expansion this year, according to its developers.

An early look at the update, titled Dawn Of The Dukes, was given in the latest Fan Preview, which introduced Age Of Empires IV alongside many new features for II: DE.


Dawn Of The Dukes will bring a focus to eastern Europe, moving away from previous expansion Lords Of The West which focused on Burgundy and Sicily. Lords Of The West also introduced a controversial profanity filter and a new year celebration event in which snowmen could be used to attack.

Players will soon be able to battle their friends online – for the first time in the series. This is set to be a sizeable overhaul, although it is not yet known if the feature will be coming to Age of Empires IV or any of the other games.

This new expansion should become available over the summer, bringing new campaigns and potentially new playable civilisations. The information is still relatively sparse, but can all be found within the video.

The news arrives in the same week that Age Of Empires fans were treated to a preview of the upcoming fourth instalment in the series. Age Of Empires IV will include eight playable civilisations and four full campaigns at launch, making it the most ambitious in the series.

The game will focus on four different campaigns, including the Norman Campaign. This will allow players to participate in the 1066 Battle of Hastings, conquer both Britain and France, and highlight points in the conflict’s bloody history.