‘Age of Empires III’ African expansion is coming next month

The African Royals is coming soon

Classic Microsoft real-time strategy game Age of Empires III is getting an African-themed expansion next month.

Age of Empires III: The African Royals will introduce two new civilizations – the Ethiopians and the Hausa. Additionally, the new expansion will add some new historic battles, 15 new African maps and a range of new AI allies.


The Ethiopian civilisation includes access to new mountain monasteries as well as a range of unique units from the Abun, including an Ethiopian Bishop, which can be used as a healer, as well as the Sebastapol Mortar – a huge artillery unit that flattens enemies and buildings.

The Hausa civilisation has bonuses to livestock and universities, and new units including the Griot – a bard-like musician/storyteller who can buff and debuff speed stats. Not to mention the Fulani Archer – a solid unit against heavy infantry and ranged cavalry, which players can also use to gather livestock.

Other additions include a new resource called ‘influence’. Players can typically spend this at the palace to recruit mercenaries or unlock units. You can accumulate influence in several ways, such as owning large amounts of livestock or a few of Age of Empires III’s new buildings.

As well as the two new playable civilizations, you’ll also find five new indigenous African civilizations to Ally yourselves with.

The new historical battles include:

  • The Battle of the Three Kings
  • Fall of the Hausa
  • The Era of the Princes

Age of Empires III: The African Royals also includes 11 new achievements, new hero abilities, and age-up mechanics for each new civilization.


Age of Empires III: The African Royals will release on PC via Steam and the Microsoft Store on August 2, 2021.