Air Link announced for original Oculus Quest headsets

Air Link allows wireless PC connections for Oculus Headsets

Facebook CEO and co-founder Mark Zuckerberg confirmed in a Facebook post that Air Link is coming to original Oculus Quest headsets.

A Facebook post from Mark Zuckerberg showed a video of the new v30 update for Oculus Quest headsets. He confirmed in the comments that Air Link would be coming to Quest 1 headsets.

Air Link is a feature that allows Quest 2 headsets to connect to PCs wirelessly. This lets them leverage the power of a PC to run more intense VR games than the standalone headset can normally manage. This system replaces the previous link cable required for PC VR gaming on a Quest headset, assuming network specs are sufficient.


Oculus officially added the Air Link system to the Quest 2 in update v29.

Other features shown for the v30 update include extensions to the infinite office to improve working in VR and new multitasking features such as opening multiple panels in the dashboard.

UploadVR has spoken to Facebook to confirm that the v30 update will also include an upgrade to the range of the guardian system. The guardian system allows users to designate a space in which they can move freely. If users approach the boundary of this space, the guardian system will appear to assist in avoiding unwanted collisions.

The guardian system previously had a range of 10 meters, but the v30 update will allow a guardian size of up to 15 meters in either direction.

In other VR news, the PSVR 2 is rumoured to be released by Christmas 2022. According to reports, the second generation of Sony’s hardware will come with OLED panel screens and a wider field of view. The full story is available here.

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