Akshan joins ‘League Of Legends’ with mixed fanfare and “helicopter” bug

Maybe it wasn't so funny for the poor Irelia

The League Of Legends community is split on the state of Akshan, the newest champion that’s already brought a bizarre “helicopter” bug onto the rift with him.

After a long tease and an appearance in the latest League Of Legends event – Sentinels Of Light – Akshan is finally playable as a champion.

As well as being highly mobile, Akshan’s kit includes the ability to camouflage, revive team mates, swing from terrain and deal percentage HP damage with his ult. That’s not all – we’ve covered his full list of skills in detail here.


Unfortunately for the roguish Sentinel, fans are divided over whether Akshan brings too much to the table. As one player has pointed out on Reddit, Akshan’s E ability alone – a grappling hook – has a longer effects description than another champion’s entire kit of skills. As someone else has already discovered, a carefully aimed grappling hook will also allow Akshan players to get across turrets without being shot.

If Akshan delivers as much power in his kit as players are worried about, it’s likely that Riot Games will step in to review his stats or parts of his abilities – as it has done to other champions in the past.

He’s also been released with a bug that allows him to move while in stasis, an effect that – in every other case – renders a champion completely immobile. As demonstrated in this Reddit post, the stasis begins to wildly spin an untargetable Akshan around a turret (while still firing) in a bug that players are dubbing the “helicopter glitch”.



As demonstrated by content creator Vandiril above, this bug was discovered on the PBE (testing environment) two weeks ago, however Akshan was still released with bug in tow.

In general, Patch 11.15 hasn’t been the smoothest update from Riot – yesterday (July 22), a problem with Your Shop lead to the company temporarily removing the feature shortly after launch.

In other news, Dead Space‘ creator Glen Schofield has shared he’s “excited” to see how the upcoming remake by Motive turns out.