All 60 cultures for ‘Humankind’ have been revealed ahead of release

From the Neolithic to the Contemporary era, where will you take humankind?

Amplitude Studios has been drip-feeding information on the many cultures that will feature in its upcoming strategy game Humankind. Following a recent announcement, all 60 cultures have now been confirmed for the game.

Last week (June 22), the official Humanity Twitter account shared a post revealing the last 10 cultures for the contemporary era.

Reddit user ManitouWakinyan has been compiling all 60 cultures in a table, which lists each of the cultures, along with important stats like their focus, unique unit, quarter, and legacy traits.


They also provided a map, which tries to show how cultures from different eras were connected to each other in terms of historical continuity.


Humankind lets players lead their civilization across six major eras in human history, beginning from the nomadic age through to the contemporary era.

Where it distinguishes itself from other strategy games is the ability to select one of 10 civilisations from each era and then build upon them in the next era with a different historical society.

Players are therefore able to combine cultures and re-write human history in different ways for every playthrough.


Earlier this month, Humankind held a closed beta accessible to players who had pre-ordered the game. This beta let players play the first 200 turns of the game, which is sufficient enough to take players from the Neolithic to the Industrial era – in other words, five of the six eras in the full game.

Humankind launches for PC on August 17, 2021.

Elsewhere, Ex-BioWare boss Casey Hudson has opened a new studio. Humanoid Studios is currently staffing up and working on an unannounced title.

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