All ‘Lord Of The Rings Online’ quest packs are free for a limited time

24 new quest packs await

Standing Stone Games has made all The Lord Of The Rings Online quest packs available for free until November 30.

Fans of The Lord Of The Rings Online can claim all available quest packs for free in the official in-game store, meaning the game itself must be downloaded first, by using the code LOTROQUESTS2021 before November 30.

By utilising this offer, players could get up to 24 quest packs for free, alongside a region and mission pack. Anything not included in the bundle is also on sale over the same time frame. Anyone with a Lord Of The Rings Online account is eligible, even with a free-to-play account.


Standing Stone Games previously gave a load of DLC away over lockdown for Lord Of The Rings Online and D&D Online (thanks, PC Gamer).

Back in April, plans were cancelled for a Lord Of The Rings MMO made by Tencent and Amazon, which would have been set before the events of the books.

Amazon and Chinese developer Leyou Technologies worked on the game until Tencent purchased the developer in December last year. An ensuing contract dispute between Amazon and Tencent led to the official cancellation of the Lord of the Rings MMO.

In other gaming news, the co-op real-time strategy game, DwarfHeim, has left Steam Early Access this month after just under a year.

DwarfHeim combines traditional RTS gameplay with a unique co-op mechanic that allows three players to work together as a team. The three players act as a single base, with each having their own role in the team – Builder, Miner, and Warrior. Together they reinforce and defend their base, using raw materials to create advanced equipment.


Currently, DwarfHeim has Mostly Positive reviews on Steam and will be available at a discounted price until 4 October.

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