Amazon announces MMOARPG ‘Lost Ark’ is coming to North America and Europe

The mega-popular RPG is getting an English translation

Free-to-play MMOARPG Lost Ark by Amazon Games is coming to PC in North America and Europe this year.

The game is currently only available in Korea, Japan, and Russia, it is developed by  Smilegate RPG.

Lost Ark is set in the world of Arkesia, and features 15 hero classes and fast-paced combat. It also has an adaptable skill system and the Tripod Skill system. There are also dungeons, sailing, and both harvesting and crafting mechanics.


Christoph Hartmann, VP at Amazon Games said: “With Lost Ark, Smilegate RPG has created an incredibly deep online experience that players will return to for years to come; it is our privilege to bring this action RPG to new audiences in North America and Europe for the first time”

Lost Ark gameplay
Lost Ark Credit: Amazon

Amazon Games have been working with Smilegate RPG to give North America and Europe Lost Ark in English, French, German, and Spanish.

Chi Won Gil, CEO of Smilegate RPG said: “We’ve been working closely with Amazon Games on Lost Ark, and continuing to grow our player base in the West. Amazon Games is perfectly positioned to introduce Lost Ark to a new pool of players and grow that relationship with them through Amazon channels like Twitch and Prime Gaming.”

Also in development are original game projects from the Amazon Games team in San Diego, led by industry veteran John Smedley, and the newly formed Amazon Games development studio in Montreal, founded by the core team behind the popular tactical shooter Rainbow Six Siege.

Sign-up is available for players on the game’s website, where information about the release and beta, which is coming this summer.


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