Amazon backtracks on ‘New World’ region swapping

New World will not support region swapping after all

Amazon Game Studios has announced that players will not be able to change region in New World, despite previously saying otherwise.

Next week New World will receive the free server swaps that Amazon Game Studios had promised. The free server swap option was announced when the game launched. Amazon announced the plan as queue times were becoming incredibly long on high population servers. To encourage players to avoid adding to the population issues, they were promised that they could switch back at some point in the future.

Amazon was asked in a tweet if region swapping would also be included, to which it replied that it would. However, as Amazon announced that server swaps would be coming, it also revealed that regions would not be a part of the plan. Players who created characters in EU regions will be locked to that region.


Amazon posted a FAQ with the news, which stated the following in this exchange:

“Can we transfer from region to region, say from US East to US West?”

“Transfers are only available within your region, each region is a separate database and it is not possible to re-assign a character to a different region.”

“So the ‘transfer to any server’ statement issues earlier was not true?”

“Unfortunately the original information provided was incorrect.”


Many players are frustrated with the backtrack. New World forum user Dimeman posted saying, “Yeah, the double back here is really unfortunate. Spent the first week of launch playing more or less from sunrise to sunset, accrued around 100 hours. No way I’m restarting because of a misstep on their part. I liked the idea of some type of reparation in the form of double XP, but that feels more like a band-aid solution to an injury that required stitches.”

In other news, Back 4 Blood’s solo play mode currently doesn’t have progression, but that may change.

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