Amazon Game Studios wants to know top 20 issues in ‘New World’

Players are being asked what could be improved in the game

Amazon Game Studios wants to identify the top 20 issues affecting New World players in a bid to improve the game’s quality.

In a post by community manager, NW_Mugsy, on the New World forums and shared on Reddit, they explain that the team is “aware of all the issues being surfaced by the community in our forums, Discord, Reddit, in-game [and] across social media”. According to the post, the “team is working very hard to prioritize and address as many issues as possible on a weekly basis”.

Mugsy goes on to explain that they are “working with the team to identify our top 20 player concerns” before providing updates and progress reports on how to tackle them. The aim, it seems, is to give “broader visibility on where we are at” while also “[giving] players the chance to shout if we’re missing anything.”


The Reddit thread relating to this post has grown substantially in the past two days with over 3,500 comments and counting added to the discussion.

NW_Mugsy’s post originally featured on a thread on the New World forum. That forum post asked for priority to be given to fixing the territory conquest system with player suggesting it’s currently badly optimised and that a road map was desperately needed for the game.

Since its release, New World has received “mostly positive” reviews on Steam but it has suffered issues with server queues as well as gold farmers and bots.

Server transfers are expected to be implemented soon but the system has been delayed in recent times.

Recently, players have developed their own mini map after getting lost too often in the MMO, although modding the game remains a grey area.


In other news, We Happy Few developer, Compulsion Games, is currently working on a new game.