Amazon’s MMO ‘New World’ hits 200,000 concurrent player record

Big numbers for the upcoming MMO

Amazon has announced its new MMO, New World, reached the 200,000 concurrent players mark over the weekend, representing a significant milestone for the game that’s currently in closed beta.

The MMO hit a peak concurrent figure of 200,856 on Steam on Sunday, making it the sixth most popular game on the platform. Impressively, that meant it was more popular than the likes of Rainbow Six Siege and Football Manager 2021.

The game is Amazon’s latest foray into video gaming after it cancelled Crucible in November 2020. The company claimed earlier in the year that it remains committed to video games despite Jeff Bezos’s stepping down as Amazon CEO. Earlier this year, Amazon also cancelled plans for a Lord of the Rings MMO.


New World has suffered some controversy thanks to its closed beta frying some GeForce RTX 3090 GPUs but generally, the game has garnered consistently great numbers for a closed beta.

Since then, Amazon has also patched New World to cap frames per second on its menu screen “in order to further reassure players”.

New World is currently in closed beta with a release date set for August 31. It’s exclusively on PC.

Another MMO that’s hitting huge player numbers recently is Final Fantasy XIV which peaked at 67,148 players on Steam just over a week ago while World of Warcraft players have been participating in protests over allegations of sexual harassment and abuse at Activision Blizzard.

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