Amazon’s ‘New World’ MMO has been delayed again

This is the game’s second delay to date

Amazon Game Studios has announced that it is delaying its upcoming MMORPG New World for a second time.

The game was originally planned to release in August last year, but was postponed to Spring 2021 to give the developers more time to make changes to the game. According to a new announcement made via the game’s official blog on Tuesday February 16, New World will now launch on August 31 instead.

The studio explained that it had several players test out the game via an Alpha test, and received feedback on the improvements that needed to be made. Since then, the studio has polished the combat system, tweaked crafting, expanded the map and more.


However, the studio acknowledged that it still has more work to do before the game can be released. As such, the team has decided to postpone the launch of the game, and will be using the additional time to work on “compelling end-game features we believe are important to include at launch”.

“With this extra time we’ll be able to add these substantial improvements while polishing and fine tuning the whole game before we open Aeternum’s shores to the world”, the studio said.

New World
New World. Credit: Amazon Game Studios

The studio also confirmed that it will continue to run its Alpha tests in the coming months, and will expand testing to include Europe on March 30. Closed Beta testing will begin on July 20, with access being granted to players who have pre-ordered the game.

Amazon Game Studios also detailed three pieces of content that can be experienced during the Closed Beta tests – Ebonscale Reach, Expeditions and Outpost Rush.

Ebonscale Reach will be a new end-game zone in which “an exiled empress is building a corrupted fleet there that could threaten the entire world”. Expeditions will be five-player experiences that pit teammates against difficult challenges, requiring skills and coordination among players.


The Outpost Rush will be a 20 versus 20 battle, set in a “primordial river basin filled with forgotten ancient technologies”. Teams will have to fight for control of strongholds and strategic resources in order to win the battle.


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