AMD CEO predicts graphics card supply improvement

Semiconductor shortages have impacted availability of graphics cards and many other devices

AMD CEO Lisa Su has provided a positive outlook on the availability of the company’s graphics chips.

AMD graphics chips have been hard to come by, due to a global semiconductor shortage that has also affected the production of next-gen consoles.

In a Bloomberg interview, Su said the current chip shortage are “not a disaster” but “just another example of the periodic imbalances between supply and demand in the semiconductor market”.


She also noted that while “normally everybody sort of plans their worlds separately”, AMD is very much “having to plan our worlds together” with industry partners.

The article indicates that she believes AMD’s supply of chips, built by Taiwan Semiconductor Manufacturing Co., will improve throughout 2021.

Further data from Bloomberg shows that since becoming CEO in 2014, AMD’s market value has risen from $2billion to more than $90billion.

The global semiconductor shortage has affected the whole tech industry since 2020 due to the coronavirus pandemic, prompting US President Biden to sign an executive order to investigate.

AMD supplies the graphics chips used in both PS5 and Xbox Series X/S. Earlier this year, Microsoft had also said it had reached out to AMD for help with building more Xbox Series X stock.


Elsewhere, the first mobile browser designed specifically for gamers has been launched.

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