AMD GPUs could rise in price by as much as 10%

Because if graphics cards needed anything, it was a price increase.

Graphics card prices from both AMD and Nvidia could rise by as much as 10 percent due to increased manufacturing costs.

According to a thread on the Board Channels Forums (spotted by Videocardz) AMD has decided to increase the pricing of Radeon RX 6000 GPUs by 10 percent. Graphics cards based on RDNA 2 tech will cost around $20 to $40 (£15 to £30) more, according to the report. The new pricing is likely to take effect with the next shipment of GPUs to AMD’s partners.

According to the report, the recent TSMC wafer cost increase is the reason behind AMD’s decision. There has been no comment on the potential price increase, and while the market price has risen 9 percent recently, the further price increase as reported here has yet to take place.


Graphics card prices have been skyrocketing recently thanks to an ongoing chip shortage. Recently, the CEO of Nvidia said that we expects the shortages to continue.

First spotted by PCGamer, Nvidia CEO Jensen Huang spoke to Yahoo Finance about what to expect from 2022 in regards to chip shortages. “I think that through the next year, demand is going to far exceed supply,” he noted. “We don’t have any magic bullets in navigating the supply chain,” Huang admitted.

“We have the support of our suppliers,” Huang continued explaining how the company is safe financially.

The chip shortage is also affecting consoles, with Sony chartering Boeing 747s to deal with the PlayStation 5 shortages ahead of the holiday rush.

Elsewhere, No Man’s Sky is giving players another chance to unlock the Normandy from Mass Effect and Steam’s autumn sale started today (November 24) and games have received up to an 80 percent discount including some recent releases, critically acclaimed titles and AAA games.