‘Amnesia: The Bunker’ delayed by eight weeks as devs look to do the game “justice”

“The team is working hard to make ‘The Bunker’ the best it can be, and a few more weeks will make the necessary difference"

Frictional Games has confirmed that the release of Amnesia: The Bunker will be delayed by eight weeks, as developers look to do the game “justice”.

Amnesia: The Bunker was originally set for release in March 2023 but will now arrive on May 16.

In a statement, Frictional Games explained that “the team has had a tough winter with a slew of illnesses that has affected the development.”


“It is important to us to do the game justice, and in light of these halts in production we don’t wish to rush the end product. The team is working hard to make The Bunker the best it can be, and a few more weeks will make the necessary difference.”

Set to release for PC, Xbox and PlayStation, Amnesia: The Bunker follows a French soldier in WW1 as he becomes trapped in a dark bunker with a “dynamic and ever-present monster that reacts to player actions.”

“In the shoes of the French soldier Henri Clément, you are armed with a revolver gun, a noisy dynamo flashlight, and other scarce supplies to scavenge and craft along the way,” reads Amnesia: The Bunker’s Steam page, which adds that “no play-through is the same” due to randomised behaviour.

“Hunted by an ever-present threat reacting to your every move and sound, you must adapt your play-style to face hell,” the page continues. “Every decision will change the outcome of how the game responds. Actions bear consequences.”

A trailer showing off The Bunker’s “semi open-world” was released in December. 


Amnesia: The Bunker is the fourth title in the Frictional Games horror series, following on from 2020’s Amnesia: Rebirth.

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