‘Among Us’ chicken nugget listed for over £35,000 on eBay

Brown is looking a bit sus in this eBay auction for an 'Among Us' shaped snack

A McDonald’s chicken nugget which looks like an Among Us crewmate is attracting a price on eBay.

The chicken nugget was first listed on eBay on May 28, and has since reached over £35,000 ($50,000), and still has another 24 hours to go.

According to Comicbook.com the oddly shaped chicken nugget was originally listed for a set price of around £700 ($1,000) but was then relisted in an open auction.


Among Us developer InnerSloth is also following the auction, as revealed by a recent Twitter post. The chicken nugget was found as part of a Combo Meal themed after K-pop megastars BTS that is currently being sold by McDonald’s in the US.

The chicken nugget – listed in ‘used’ condition – has seen its price skyrocket since Among Us fans spotted the listing. The auction is currently set to end on Friday June 4.

Recently developers Innersloth saw Among Us player counts rise to over 2million after the game was given away on the Epic Game Store.

Between May 26 and 28 Among Us went from around 300,000 daily players to 2million, with the game being offered for free on the Epic Games Store on May 27. The offer is part of the Epic MEGA Sale and will be available until June 3.


In other news Twitch has warned streamers on its live streaming platform that more DMCA content takedowns could be coming soon.

Streamers were sent an email which explained that it believes music publishers are using automated tools to find stream content with copyrighted content, and that “all claims are for VODs”.

Twitch wrote: “We are committed to being more transparent with you about DMCA. We recently received a batch of DMCA takedown notifications with about 1,000 individual claims from music publishers

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