‘Among Us’ gets fan-made fighting game spin-off

Sus Fighter II Turbo

Hit infiltrator game Among Us could always be a tense affair, but a fan-made fighting game is making it downright violent.

The game, Among Us Arena, is the creation of indie dev “Starcutter”. Unlike Innersloth’s official title, where players tried to work out which of their crewmates was “sus” before the imposters sabotaged their entire spaceship, in Arena everyone is sus, and the aim is to beat the space helmets off them.

In a neat twist on the fighting game formula, every character in Among Us Arena controls exactly the same as each other – much like in the real Among Us, the only difference is the colour of their spacesuit.


Mechanically, Among Us Arena is a pretty traditional take on classic 2D fighters. Every fighter has a light and strong melee attack, plus a gun and knife for armed and ranged attacks. There’s a mix of standing, in-air, and crouching attack stances, and you can even ‘juggle’ your opponents once you’ve knocked them into the air.

As a fangame, Among Us Arena is presented entirely free, and it seems Innersloth is being a good sport about the whole project, tweeting “time to start training” in response to Starcutter’s announcement of the game’s release.

Starcutter also teases a “REAL fighting game my team and I are currently working on”, though gives no further details yet. The developer says footage of the mystery game “will be shown off eventually”.

Whatever that game proves to be, the nascent developer could be off to a strong start with Among Us Arena. Mods and fangames can prove a solid foundation in game development, as the success of titles such as Garry’s Mod has shown, recently hitting the 20million sales milestone after beginning life as a Source engine mod with no objectives.


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